Our Mission

Omadiki 9 12 2019

The SmArT lab of the Center of Research and evaluation of Human Performance of the School of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, is dedicated to research excellence, quality education, improvement of quality of life and performance, and service to the community.

We offer students opportunities for professional development in a large number of scientific areas of Exercise Science using our well-equipped facilities for both basic and applied research.

Our mission is to improve health, quality of life and athletic performance through research and education. 

We offer a large number of research projects, exercise testing opportunities for all aspects of human performance and exercise prescription using both sophisticated laboratory techniques and field measurements as well as laboratory courses for our graduate and undergraduate students. We offer hands-on experience bridging the gap between theory and practice.




Our goals are to:

  •  improve health and functional performance of both youth and the elderly

  •  enhance athletic performance of amateur and professional athletes.

  •  find ways to increase physical activity of the population

  •  provide insight into proper nutrition for health and performance

  •  use exercise and nutrition to tackle chronic diseases and disabilities

We invite you to take a look at our activities, research projects, staff and partners.

Football & Basketball Science

Synthesis basketball soccerField: Exercise, Injury prevention, Training models, Team sports

Description: We are working on

(i) the interaction between performance recovery kinetics and the inflammatory responses induced by competition and training during pre- and in-season training;

(ii) biochemistry and physiology of football and basketball;

(iii) evaluation of conditioning strategies for football and basketball players;

(iv) fitness testing; and

v) injury prevention.